Calvary United Methodist Church will be CLOSED through at least April 12th, 2020.

COVID-19 Update

Partnering with Lifehouse

During the quarantine recommendation because of COVID-19 we are partnering with Lifehouse to help provide you easy access to sermons you can listen to as we do not have our own online sermon offering for now. Click here to listen to sermons on Lifehouse church's website.

You may click here to request assistance using a form on Lifehouse church's website. Be sure to select that Calvary UMC is your home church so that we can be notified of your request and help in any way we can.

Choose Your Experience!

Families welcome with special activities for children in both worship experiences!


Traditional Worship

Allen ADC 8350 Organ

9:30 AM Sundays in the Sanctuary

Our traditional worship service takes place in our beautiful Sanctuary! A believer-based worship experience with the elements of music, choir, an Allen Organ, scripture, and spoken message, allowing worshippers participation in a more traditional structured format.


Lighthouse Modern Worship


10:45 AM Sundays in the Lighthouse Worship Center

The Lighthouse modern worship service uses our Lighthouse Worship Center with up-to-date audio, video, fans and lighting! A coffee house setting providing an atmosphere for people of all ages to worship. This includes live Christian music, interactive moments, teaching, open discussions and learning with a light lunch at the end.

March Sermon Series

Traditional Sermon Series: The Walk

During the month of March the traditional worship service sermon series will be covering the following:

  • March 1st - Worship and Prayer / "A Living Hallelujah" / Communion / Psalm 95, Matthew 6: 9-15 / Pastor Heather
  • March 8th - Girl Scout Sunday / Study / "Listen... if Caller ID says God" / Psalm 19: 1-4, 2 Timothy 3: 14-17 / Pastor Heather
  • March 15th - Serve / "Here I am Lord, Send Me" / Proverbs 31: 8-9, Matthew 25: 31-46 / Pastor Heather
  • March 22nd - Give / "Blessed to be a Blessing" / Ecclesiastes 2: 4-11, Matthew 6: 19-21 / Pastor Heather
  • March 29th - Share Your Faith / Invite 5 people to church each year / Pastor Chris

Lighthouse Sermon Series: The Walk

During the month of March the Lighthouse modern worship service sermon series will be covering the following:

  • March 1st - "Worship and Prayer: A Living Hallelujah"
  • March 8th - "Study: The Importance of Listening and Paying Attention"
  • March 15th - "Serve: Here I Am, Lord, Send Me"
  • March 22nd - "Give: Where Your Treasure Is"
  • March 29th - "Share: Going Fishing, Reflecting Light"


Reducing Risk During Flu Season

Reducing Risk During Flu Season

Weather Closing Policy

If Fort Wayne Community Schools closes; daytime activities at Calvary UMC are cancelled. If FWCS delays, it is up to the group to decide if they meet or not. Night activities are at the discretion of leader.

Vision and Mission Statements


The 3 C's of Calvary UMC

Connecting to the community

Creating disciples of Jesus Christ

Celebrating with worship, prayer, and praise


Calvary United Methodist Church

"To Make NEW disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World"

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